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why influencer marketing

75% of online users

have purchased a product or service through Social Media in the past month

89% of marketeers

say the ROI of influencer marketing is comparable or better than other marketing channels

5,20€ earned

on average for every 1€ spent on influencer marketing throughout all campaigns

our belief

We believe that Influencer Marketing can be a great tool to reach customers in an authentic environment. Nonetheless, it is crucial to select Influencers not solely based on followers and likes, but rather great a real brand fit which in the end will result in tangible business results.

what do we focus on?


Our decisions are not based on speculation or personal preferences, but rather on relevant data and detailed analyses.


Each team member knows the ins & outs of social media, looks back at years of industry experience and is often an influencer themselves.

Strong network

Since, we are working in this industry for quite a while now, we have a lot of direct connections to influencers and their management.


Always friendly and professional. We see ourselves as mediator between brands and influencers, because we speak both party's languages.

Dentolo - Example Case

Dentolo is a subsidiary firm of the Zurich Group and leading brand in supplementary dental insurance. In 2021, the insureance of Dentolo was named "Testsieger" by Stiftung Warentest.

In the very first month, we achieved a reach of over 620,000 people, generated more leads and ultimately sales than any other marketing channel of dentolo. With Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) of -60% , we have taken the dentolo brand to the next level and are aiming higher every month.


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