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for an efficient realization of innovative web projects

We create innovative web projects for you that always impress with fast loading times and visual aesthetics. Whether they are high-performance landing pages or impressive websites - they are always very easy to customize, even for non-developers.

As a certified Webflow Agency, the following values are always particularly important to us:

Creative and high-quality web design

Technically accurate and structured implementation

Data protection compliance (GDPR)

Easily customizable even for non-developers

Examples of our work as a Webflow Agency:

We are proud to have already implemented a wide variety of projects for a large number of customers. These include projects for established industry leaders such as the Haufe Group, WISAG or d.velop, but also for young start-up and scale-up companies such as ToolTime, Tier Mobility or bluecode.

We create platforms for special use cases and integrate 3rd party tools.

This includes, for example:
Creation of a media library for an online forum
Integration of a live stream for participants
Provision of information areas on supplementary topics

We create websites with recognition value in Webflow - all 100% responsive, of course.

This is expressed by:
Use of modern layouts and components
Inserting interactions to support the user experience
Creation of individual and complex animations

We also depict complex topics in Webflow in a structured and technically flawless way.

This is demonstrated by:
Good structuring of the Collection Lists (CMS) in Webflow
Variable page structure with the help of components and properties
Use of a standardized structure framework (Client First)

From the idea to the finished website - this is the typical process of a Webflow project:

1. Kick-off and Scope-Definition

In a workshop, we generate initial ideas and break down the requirements for the project into individual sub-areas. This gives us a common understanding of the scope of the project, which forms the basis for planning.

2. Creation of UX and UI design

We create wireframes for the project, which we use to visualize content, structure and user flows. After aligning on the first design moods, we create the final responsive design in an iterative process.

3. Web development in Webflow

Once the design has been approved, we set up the global style guide for the project. This is followed by the creation of the global page structure and the set up of the CMS. As a next step, we develop components, such as sliders and animations.

4. Integrations & data protection

After creating all components, we integrate 3rd party tools for e.g. forms, the display of video content or the display of social media feeds. We also integrate the Cookie Consent Tool and the Tag Manager.

5. Testing & Go-live

During the development of the project, we work on Webflow's own domain and use this as a staging environment. Before go-live, we carry out extensive browser testing. After the final fine-tuning, the project is published on the live domain. 🎉

We create scalable and well-structured web solutions.

By using structured approaches, such as the "client first" framework, we not only ensure efficiency in our development processes, but also create solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into other systems and teams.

Client first
Globale Components
CMS Logik
3rd Party Tools
Responsive optimization

In an increasingly digitized world, we also emphasize the importance of data protection and compliance.

Our specific focus on GDPR compliance demonstrates our understanding of regional and global data protection requirements. Our expertise in tools such as Google Tag Manager ensures that our partners receive both innovative and legally compliant solutions.

Frequently asked questions


What is Webflow?

Webflow is an innovative CMS that enables the creation of responsive, visually striking and high-performance websites. The special thing about Webflow is that you have to write little to no code yourself to create websites in Webflow (so-called low-code), but instead build the websites within the Webflow framework. However, this framework is not restrictive in any way, instead it enables maximum efficiency in the conversion of a web design into a functional and scalable website.


What services does your agency offer in connection with Webflow?

As a Webflow agency, we offer comprehensive support for the creation of web projects in Webflow. This includes the product-strategic conception of a new website, the creation of customer flows in a UX design, the creation of an outstanding user interface (UI) design, the implementation of the web project in Webflow including setting up the CMS, the integration of 3rd party solutions (e.g. chatbots, click-out tools, etc.), the optimization of content according to SEO-relevant criteria, ensuring maximum GDPR compliance, integration of conversion tracking measures and the structured handover to an internal team.


Why should I use Webflow for my website?

Webflow is currently the world's leading CMS for websites, offering numerous possibilities for the cost-efficient implementation of state-of-the-art front-end solutions. Webflow combines flexibility with control, ease of use and scalability. Both start-ups and industry-leading companies use Webflow because the customization possibilities are almost endless, it integrates with other systems and it is very easy to maintain for non-developers.


Do I need technical knowledge to manage my Webflow website?

No, Webflow is very user-friendly and allows you to easily manage content and make changes without the need for technical knowledge. When designing websites, we pay particular attention to ensuring that the CMS is easy to maintain and that you can make as many adjustments as possible by yourself. For textual changes, you can use the editor access in Webflow, with which there is no risk of accidentally making design changes on the page. If you need further support, we will be happy to introduce you to the Webflow system to ensure that you feel confident in managing your website.


How does Webflow differ from other website builders?

Webflow stands out from other website builders due to its flexibility and stability. Unlike other builders, Webflow hosts the website itself and ensures that it is always highly performant. Numerous features are already included in Webflow - without third-party plug-ins. Unlike many other website builders, Webflow allows for deep visual customization and supports complex, interactive websites. All Webflow pages consist of clean, search engine friendly code, which also improves website performance. In addition, pages built in Webflow can be customized to be 100% responsive.


Is Webflow suitable for e-commerce websites?

Webflow offers comprehensive e-commerce functions that make it possible to set up an online store or membership platform. This includes a user-friendly shopping cart system, secure payment processing from over 200 countries and the function of user accounts. The same applies to product pages as to all websites in Webflow: they can be 100% customized and versatile. The CMS offers a flexible and clear way of maintaining products and integrating them on different pages.


What is the typical course of a project?

Each of our projects begins with us getting to know you, your needs and your product better. Once we have gained an overview and defined the goal together with you, we start with a detailed analysis of the existing information. We then start designing the site structure and content. This usually results in two work processes: structural coordination and content coordination. Once the structure and storyline have been defined, we create a responsive UI design and design front-end animations. The implementation in Webflow starts with the creation of a global style guide, components and the setup of the CMS. During the course of the project, you will receive regular insights into the current status. Before go-live, we carry out extensive tests on various end devices. After the launch, we offer you ongoing support in the operation and maintenance of your website, if required.


What kind of support do you offer after the launch of the website?

Our goal is to ensure that your website runs optimally at all times. Depending on whether you have an in-house team that is responsible for maintaining the Webflow site or whether we can support you in this - we have the right solution. We are happy to train internal employees in using the CMS and maintaining the content. We also provide you with all the relevant information in a detailed handover document, which you can access at any time. If you prefer to leave the adaptation of website content, ongoing performance optimization, the addition of tracking parameters or ongoing optimization for search engines to us, we will find the right model to support you flexibly and at short notice.


Can you migrate an existing website to Webflow?

Yes, we can transfer your existing website to Webflow. The process starts by analyzing your current site and working out your infrastructure with existing systems. In the next step, we translate the current design into our common Webflow standards and rebuild it using the Client First principle. In this phase, you have the opportunity to rethink existing structures or designs and revise them with us. Once all the preparations for a clean implementation in Webflow have been made, we start creating the site in Webflow and structuring the CMS. In this step, we can also improve the data structure and structure content in a scalable way. We take existing connections to third-party systems into account and implement them for you. We also migrate your cookie consent tool and set up tracking for your website.


What is your pricing structure? Are there any hidden costs?

Our pricing is project-based. This means that we discuss all requirements, scope and features together at the beginning. From this, we derive a project plan that includes both timelines and costs. Based on the planned efforts, we create a clear and detailed offer for you, which shows you the efforts for various work blocks. If there are still unclear work blocks, such as the creation of text content or the design of a complex animation, we can provide you with price ranges for the additional work packages. In addition to our remuneration, you pay a monthly fee for the use and hosting of Webflow and, if applicable, for the use of the multi-language feature. The costs for this can be found on the Webflow price overview page.


How do you handle data protection and security issues?

Data protection and security are of the utmost importance to us. We make sure that all our processes comply with current data protection regulations. We have a wealth of experience in the data protection-compliant integration of cookie consent banners and setting up website tracking. Let us know your individual requirements and we will design the right setup for you.


Can I offer the website in several languages?

Yes, with Webflow you can create multilingual websites without any problems. Webflow has introduced a new function for this from November 2023 that enables multilingual pages natively. You can easily maintain and adapt language versions and translations in Webflow. There are only small monthly extra costs for Webflow for this. If you need help with the translation of your website content, we will be happy to support you.

Our team is as diverse as the web projects we implement for our customers.

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Lucas ist ein erfahrener Marketing Experte, der vor altitude mehrere Chief Marketing Officer bzw. Director of Marketing Positionen bekleidet hat. Er war u.a. tätig für Unternehmen wie Auto1 Group, DrSmile und Bloomy Days. Seine Expertise liegt in der Verbindung von daten-getriebenem Marketing und der strategischen Marken-Ausrichtung.

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Known from

Why a Webflow agency believes Webflow is the best platform for creating websites.

Nowadays, there are numerous platforms that can be used to create websites. From simple drag-and-drop page builders such as Wix to more extensive systems such as WordPress or specialized online store providers such as Shopify - there is a suitable solution for many use cases. A growing provider on the market that combines the best of different worlds, especially for companies, is Webflow. As a Webflow agency, we appreciate the advantages of Webflow in our daily work. Read here what advantages Webflow has for you and your project:


Webflow enables visual design in real time

Webflow's user interface combines the structural code level with the design level, which simplifies the creation of websites many times over. Unlike other web design tools, there is no need to switch back and forth between a code view and the design mode. Changes can be made effortlessly and directly. The result is not only of better quality, but is also achieved more quickly.


Webflow offers complete flexibility without compromise

Webflow is characterized by its high level of user-friendliness. While experienced Webflow developers can create completely unrestricted and flexible user-defined websites, non-developers benefit from the intuitively designed interface for maintaining website content. For developers, there are no limits to the integration of additional functionalities in Webflow, the connection to other systems and the creation of animations.


Responsive design becomes standard with Webflow

In times when "mobile first" is on everyone's lips, Webflow offers all the advantages to enable an optimal user experience on mobile devices. Web designs can be optimized in Webflow for particularly large desktop devices as well as for all mobile devices so that they optimally represent the design. As a Webflow agency, we optimize all pages for all 6 breakpoints and ensure that font sizes, layouts and images are displayed optimally.


Content can be easily managed in the Webflow CMS

Webflow offers a flexible content management system (CMS) that can be set up in a user-defined way and basically corresponds to the table structure of a regular database. The CMS can be used to create website templates that can be easily maintained. For example, blog posts, case studies, employee profiles, job pages and much more can be set up quickly and easily and adapted by non-developers. In addition, the CMS can be connected to external interfaces so that content is updated automatically. As a Webflow agency, we always focus on your needs and build all pages as flexibly and customizable as you require.


Webflow works without third-party software or plugins

Many functions that are not integrated as standard on other platforms are included natively in Webflow. There is no need to integrate external plugins that make the site susceptible to errors or incompatibility. This simplifies the setup and maintenance of the site. However, if a special use case requires the connection of external services, this can easily be done via scripts or Zapier.


Broad knowledge and support around Webflow

If you are concerned about switching to a relatively new system, we can reassure you. There are numerous resources from developers and web designers who have already specialized in Webflow. Webflow itself is constantly expanding and optimizing the product to keep up with current market trends and best practices. The Webflow community is constantly growing and the use cases are becoming ever more comprehensive. As a Webflow agency, we always keep ourselves up to date and are happy to advise you.


Hosting via Webflow offers high performance and speed

All Webflow pages are automatically hosted via Webflow. The provider is known for its particular focus on speed and optimizing site performance. This is a real advantage for you, as fast loading times are more important than ever for the success of a website. Webflow not only enables you to have an individual and good-looking online presence with the help of a Webflow agency, but also a high-performance and well-structured website.