Our partnership philosophy forms the cornerstone of our collaboration.

With our goal of supporting the leading companies of the future in their growth, our approach is based on fundamental principles that form the backbone of successful collaboration.

Participation of the management level

The success of a project depends to a large extent on the involvement and commitment of the top management levels. At altitude, we apply ourselves with entrepreneurial passion - and assume that our partners are similarly committed.

Integrity and mutual respect

"When moving fast, you can break things." Nevertheless, we focus on working together in a non-judgmental and respectful manner. Trust is at the heart of all our interactions.

Measurable common goals

It is essential for the success of every project to set clearly defined growth targets together with our partners and to be able to track progress against these targets continuously and transparently.

Targeted efficiency

We appreciate the dynamism and the opportunity to make rapid progress. Our focus always remains on what really generates results and avoids unnecessary distractions. Our approach is always transparent, well-founded and free of organizational political considerations.

We are a flexible partner at various levels.

Our expertise can be deployed at various levels. We provide support in the form of complete interim teams that drive projects forward independently or act as a long-term strategic partner for management.

Our team is operationally involved and assumes responsibility for achieving the defined growth targets, either independently or in collaboration with internal resources.

Depending on requirements, we get involved at the following levels:

Provision of a project team

A team of experts works independently on the growth project.

Strategic growth consulting

Joint target definition and development of a strategy for scalable growth.

Operational support

Provision of experts in collaboration with internal resources.

Up-skilling existing teams

Workshops and further training in various areas.