The challenge.

Introducing performance-optimised influencer marketing for an insurance company.

We all know influencer marketing for lifestyle products such as fashion, beauty products or other lifestyle topics.

But what about topics that at first glance do not fall into the typical field of influencer marketing - such as insurance?

When dentolo - a subsidiary of the large insurance company Zurich - came to us, we therefore sat down together intensively and developed a comprehensive influencer marketing strategy, which had the nice side effect of reach and awareness, but was ultimately measured very hard by the performance of leads and newly concluded contracts.

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Growth Strategy Consulting

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Campaign Concept

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Influencer Marketing

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Reporting & Analytics

Our solution.

We generated high quality influencer content which converted into new customer contracts.

In our eyes, influencer marketing is actually very suitable for a product like dentolo's. dentolo is a 100% subsidiary of Zurich Insurance and offers supplementary dental insurance (ZZV), the tariff of which was chosen as the test winner by Stiftung Warentest.

Nevertheless, for many people supplementary dental insurance is still very opaque, difficult to understand and, above all, difficult to compare.

To solve this problem, altitude has developed a concept where influencers not only present the dentolo brand, but also shed light on the applications in which dentures really make sense, how much money you can save and what you need to bear in mind.

With an initial test of 5 influencers in May, the number of cooperations rose to over 100 by January of the following year. altitude worked with a wide range of influencers - from micro influencers to larger accounts like Janine Wiggert or Cathy Hummels, has introduced the German influencer scene to dentolo and helped thousands of people get a better understanding of the topic of ZZV.

Combined, all the influencers in this campaign had over 17 million followers and more than 4.1 million people were reached through the Instagram Stories. This not only helped grow the product and dentolo as a brand, but also, and more importantly, led to a significant number of new customer contracts.


Generating outstanding reach and a significant number of active contracts.

Story views are great, conversions are better. Which is why we focused on the hard-facts and continued to improve the campaign each month.

> 1.000

contracts closed

4,1 Mio.

people reached


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