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Digital Growth for
Insurance Companies

As one of the strongest sectors of the economy, the insurance industry and its market participants are undergoing major change.

Sales channels must become more and more digital, while new companies - so-called InsurTechs - vie for the favor of digitally savvy, often young target groups. Established market players in particular face the strategic challenge of positioning themselves profitably in the digital new customer business in the long term.

With our many years of experience in the industry, we work in partnership with young, innovative companies as well as traditional insurers - always with the aim of ensuring sustainable digital growth.

Extract of successfully implemented projects in the insurance industry

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Audit of existing digital marketing activities and derivation of recommendations for action


Rejuvenation of the average age of new customers by opening up new channels

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Strategic development and operational implementation of a holistic LeadGen strategy

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Operational development of a new marketing channel to scale digital new customer acquisition


Conception and production of new digital advertising material for paid social channels

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Conception and operational development of additional marketing channels for the digital direct business

Typical topics we work on

Demographic reorientation

How do we rejuvenate our existing customer base and reduce the average age of new customers?

Marketing efficiency

How can we reduce the costs per new customer in the digital direct business so that it is competitive with existing measures?

ROI Transparency

How can we sharpen the measurability of our existing marketing measures and introduce a precise return-on-investment analysis?

Diversification of acquisition channels

How can we reduce our dependence on digital marketing channels already in use, such as Google Search, comparison platforms, etc.?

Dealing with legacy system

We have to work internally with legacy technical systems. How can we still implement current digital best practices?

Scaling potential

Which digital marketing channels are we currently overlooking that still have great potential for our new customer business?


Specific insurance products with great digital growth potential

Through a detailed analysis of the most common insurance products, we have derived a product selection within which we see a significantly high potential for digital growth. We took into account factors such as existing demand on digital media, average premium levels, existing competition on digital marketing channels, target group reachability and other detailed factors.

Please approach us for an individual assessment of your offerings.

What our insurance clients say about us

Natalia Ganevykaya

altitude has helped us sustainably to achieve additional growth for our insurance product. The collaboration was always highly professional and at the same time very dynamic and entrepreneurial.

Natalia Ganevskaya

CMO at dentolo

Our growth services for insurance companies

1. Strategy

  • Assessment of the existing product portfolio for digital growth potential
  • Audit of existing digital growth measures and identification of optimisation potential
  • Development of growth hypotheses to test new marketing channels, target groups and/or new product offerings

2. Performance

  • Assessment of the implementation quality of existing marketing channels via 111-point check
  • Operative execution of hypothesis tests within existing or new digital marketing channels
  • Scaling of digital marketing channels including the development of growth structures

3. Creative

  • Development of conversion-strong advertising materials for digital marketing channels
  • Development and implementation of creative concepts for 360° marketing campaigns
  • Development of performance-optimised landing and micro-page design

4. Tech

  • Technical development of landing, micro-page and funnel experiences
  • Integration of GDPR-compliant conversion tracking and cookie consent management
  • Linking of various data sources & creation of reporting dashboards

Case Study

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