Performance marketing agency: Successful advertising and measurable growth

Whether B2B, B2C or E-commerce, we are the broad-based performance marketing agency that uses a holistic, data-driven approach to deliver customized strategies and measurable success.

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When advising on performance marketing we focus primarily on the following specialist areas:

Performance marketing strategy development

Target group definition

Development of ad concepts

Channel selection (push & pull channels)

Success stories of our clients that we were able to support as a performance marketing agency:

We are proud to have implemented a wide variety of projects for a large number of clients. These include projects for established industry giants such as Zalando, ERGO, WISAG or d.velop, but also for young start-up and scale-up companies such as ToolTime, Tier Mobility or Bluecode.

We develop cross-channel performance marketing strategies with our clients.

This includes, for example:
Creation of audits for existing online marketing channels such as Meta or Google Ads
Setting up and optimizing performance marketing campaigns
Cross-channel performance marketing strategy for continuous growth

We use performance channels strategically to achieve our clients' goals.

This includes, among other things:
Target group definition and selection of relevant channels
Media budget determination and best possible distribution among the channels
Account and campaign set-up and management

We rely on holistic tracking of online and offline signals.

This enables us to guarantee the following:
A complete mapping of the user journey
Improved campaign optimization on relevant KPIs, such as turnover or downstream sales activities
Accurate audience building with relevant parameters

From target definition to channel and campaign selection: This is how we develop the right performance marketing strategy for our clients

1. Target and target group definition

In the first step, we define the goal to be achieved (sales, sales growth, returning customers) and determine the KPIs by which we want to measure the achievement of the goal. The target group to be addressed is also clearly defined.

2. Channel strategy and budget allocation

During strategy development, it is determined which channels will be used to reach the target group, how much budget will be required for this and how it shall be distributed among the channels.

3. Development of the communication strategy

In order to address the target group appropriately via the selected channels, the next step is to define how to address them in the ads and on the landing pages, as well as within the funnel.

4. Setting up campaigns and tracking

Before the launch, the accounts of the selected channels and their campaigns are set up. In order to make the performance of the campaigns measurable and to optimize them in the best possible way, a holistic tracking of offline and online data is set up

5. Launch and iterative testing

After the launch of all campaigns, a reporting system is set up to make the success of the campaigns measurable and to ensure the right conclusions for iterative testing in the channels.

We consider all online marketing channels for the best possible performance.

Our expertise is the result of our team's many years of experience in managing large and small accounts for large and medium-sized companies as well as start-ups and scale-ups. We focus on a healthy channel mix of push and pull channels.

Google Ads
Meta Ads
LinkedIn Ads
TikTok Ads
Native Display
Programmatic Display

In an increasingly digitized world, we also emphasize the importance of data protection and compliance.

Our specific focus on GDPR compliance demonstrates our understanding of regional and global data protection requirements. Our expertise in tools such as Google Tag Manager ensures that your online marketing strategies are both innovative and legally compliant.

Frequently asked questions


What is performance marketing?

Performance marketing is a type of marketing in which the success of an advertising campaign is measured directly on the basis of predefined key performance indicators (KPIs). In contrast to traditional marketing approaches, where the focus is often on general brand objectives, performance marketing concentrates on concrete, measurable results and the direct impact of marketing activities on the company's success.


Why performance marketing?

A performance marketing campaign offers several advantages that help companies achieve their marketing goals more effectively and maximize their return on investment (ROI). These include, for example, measurability and transparency, targeted alignment, budget optimization, real-time adjustments, rapid scalability and maximization of ROI.


What makes a good performance marketing agency?

A good performance marketing agency is characterized by several key features. By this we mean the following: A good understanding of the client's goals, data analysis expertise, a high level of expertise in performance marketing channels, a very good understanding of the client's target group and their needs, transparent communication, creativity, a certain degree of flexibility for the client and, of course, demonstrable success.


What services does the altitude performance agency offer?

We believe that growth and progress is achieved through collaborative excellence. Our approach therefore centers on bringing together outstanding talent - bright minds with deep expertise - to work collectively for the success of our partners. Our multidisciplinary approach is anchored in four key disciplines: Strategy, Performance, Creative and Tech.


As a performance marketing agency, do you specialize in a specific industry?

No. As you can see from our cases, we have already successfully supported companies from a wide range of sectors. These include companies operating in the B2C, E-commerce and B2B sectors. From large, medium-sized companies to start-ups from the Berlin scene, everything has been included.


Do you have any performance marketing examples to share?

A large number of cases can be viewed on the website via our "Case Studies" tab.


What are the most common goals that are pursued via your performance marketing measures?

For the majority of our customers, it's all about lead generation. However, we not only optimize for lead generation, but also take into account the actual business goals of our customers and the further qualification steps from lead to customer. This enables us to optimize the campaigns in the best possible way and to consider the value of the leads when optimizing the campaigns across the individual channels. Other common goals are page visitors in awareness campaigns, sales in the E-commerce sector or ROI key figures.


What does a testing strategy look like in the individual channels, such as Google Ads or Meta?

This depends on the testing scenario. In Meta, new ads, audiences or campaigns are usually tested in a new campaign with a predefined testing budget. This allows us to precisely define the testing set-up and compare the results with the results of other Meta campaigns. In Google Ads, on the other hand, the most common tests such as testing new ads, keywords or landing pages for a specific campaign or ad group are carried out via the "Experiments" area within Google Ads, which enables a wide variety of scenarios to be tested. Regardless of the testing options within the channels, we also use testing tools that can be linked to various CMS tools in order to successfully map individual test scenarios for our customers, such as funnel tests.


What does altitude charge as a performance marketing agency?

The costs of an online marketing consultation vary depending on the scope and complexity of the project. It is advisable to have an individual quote drawn up in a personal meeting to clarify the exact costs. At altitude, we always take your specific requirements and goals into account. Our aim is to offer transparent and fair prices that enable long-term cooperation on an equal footing. The investment in sound online marketing consulting usually pays off through the successes and growth increases achieved. Our expertise ensures an optimal balance between investment and added value for your company.


How does the collaboration on a performance marketing project work?

A typical project is divided into several structured phases. First, a thorough analysis and definition of the growth targets and framework conditions, including objectives, target groups and competitive environment, is carried out. Based on this, the channels and media budget are defined and the communication strategy is developed in the next step. The campaigns are then set up as well as the tracking for measuring success. After the launch of the campaigns, a reporting system is created to evaluate the progress of the measures and serve as a basis for the development of iterative tests.


What happens if I ask for a consultation?

We will get back to you within one working day and arrange an initial meeting where both parties can discuss a possible collaboration.


Does altitude also offer free account audits?

If you are interested, we also offer free account audits. To do this, we request account access for the advertising accounts of the platforms that are to be included in the audit. In the audit, we identify any errors in the set-up and highlight unused potential, which we present in a subsequent meeting.

Our team is as diverse as the online marketing projects we implement for our clients.

95+ realized
Online marketing projects

for start-ups, corporates and SMEs


from a wide range of specialist disciplines, including paid social, paid search, programmatic display, tracking, reporting

Lucas Bast

Founder & CMO

Lucas ist ein erfahrener Marketing Experte, der vor altitude mehrere Chief Marketing Officer bzw. Director of Marketing Positionen bekleidet hat. Er war u.a. tätig für Unternehmen wie Auto1 Group, DrSmile und Bloomy Days. Seine Expertise liegt in der Verbindung von daten-getriebenem Marketing und der strategischen Marken-Ausrichtung.

Lucas Bast

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We have already been able to support over 100 companies:

Known from

Profitable sales growth through a holistic performance marketing approach.

In order to achieve profitable sales growth, it is crucial to consider and evaluate all marketing measures holistically and to define new measures accordingly. It is important to consider the interplay of marketing measures, channel selection and campaign types (awareness, consideration or act) and to make their success measurable. In the dynamic, digital world in which the success of marketing campaigns is becoming increasingly difficult to measure, it is therefore all the more important to exploit all tracking possibilities of online and offline signals and thus create the basis for data-based, successful performance marketing.


Choosing the right strategy for sustainable growth

We develop a customized performance marketing strategy that is tailored to your company's individual goals and growth opportunities. Through a focused approach, resources are used efficiently to enable long-term and sustainable growth. We draw on our proven growth marketing process, which we have developed over many years and countless projects.


Efficient media budget distribution

All performance marketing measures are broken down and evaluated by us at campaign and ad group level. As campaigns, platforms and the competitor situation change dynamically, the budget allocation is reassessed on a weekly basis, resulting in media budgets being reallocated among channels, campaigns and ad groups so that we can ensure efficient use of the media budget.


Targeted customer approach adapted to the channel

In the first step, we select the channels and define the audiences within them. In doing so, we ensure that these reflect the best possible fit with the previously defined target group. When developing the communication strategy and a target group-appropriate approach in the ads and on the landing pages, the channel characteristics are taken into account. For example, a target group is addressed differently via TikTok than on Facebook or in a Google Search ad. Furthermore, the timing of the approach is taken into account. We differentiate here between initial targeting (prospecting) and repeated targeting (retargeting).


Continuous optimization for better results

With all our performance marketing measures, we enable regular optimization of your marketing activities. Through ongoing analysis and adjustments, campaigns are continuously improved to achieve maximum results and accelerate growth. A/B testing, conversion optimization and the evaluation of KPIs are just some of the methods that contribute to continuous improvement.


Innovative approaches and fresh perspectives

Our online marketing experts use their experience to contribute fresh ideas and proven processes that often lead to new, innovative approaches. This encourages creativity and contributes to the development of innovative solutions that drive the growth of your business. The input of experienced professionals will give you valuable impetus to stand out from the competition and break new ground.


Expertise and access to the latest trends

With an online marketing consultation with altitude, you benefit from expert knowledge and can be sure that we always have an up-to-date overview of the constantly changing digital marketing landscape. As a result, you will always receive strategies and measures based on the latest trends and best practices. You will gain access to innovative technologies and processes that will help keep your marketing efforts up to date and increase competitiveness.


Strategic development for sustainable growth

Strategic development for sustainable growth is crucial for companies that want to strengthen their presence in the digital world and achieve long-term success. This is not just about short-term gains, but rather about creating a solid foundation that enables long-term and sustainable growth. That's why we recommend taking a holistic marketing approach based on data-driven decisions.